What does it mean to Think Digital in 2019?

In 2019, EU citizens have welcomed political agreements on new rules for online platforms, aimed at an increase in transparency and fairness. Think Digital served as the occasion to discuss the progress made towards cybersecurity and increased data and consumer protection. Our Summit raised the question ‘What will the new European Commission‘s priorities be to strengthen the Digital Single Market?


Are we safe in the current digital environment? Is the EU regulation sufficent enough to respond to recent security threats? 

Digital Trade

Do existing trade bariers and the fragmentation of the Digital Single Market hinder digital trade's potential? 

Artificial Intelligence

How to apply AI to support transitioning to more effective sustainable practices and implementing a strong circular economy?

Health Data

How to implement digital solutions to improve patient access to innovation?  Can digitalisation reduce costs and boost the efficiency of health care systems?

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“Thinking digital” means balancing the interest to innovate within the digital industry and the right of individuals to be fully respected as human beings. Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor
The Think Digital 2019 Summit will take place in a prestigious setting of the Egmont Palace in Brussels 
Very often we legislate from a protectionist point of view. We must look ahead and make sustainable and smart decisions which do not hinder innovation. We should walk the talk and grasp the new tech environment as politicians. Eva Maydell, MEP